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Use's web-based FAQ management and knowledge base system to provide your website visitors with a high level of customer support and your staff an in depth source of information about your company and its products or services! enables any authorized member of your organization, from customer service people and webmasters to sales staff or company owner, the power to create, manage and edit's FAQ management software on your own server.  

Creating a unique knowledge base has never been easier!
Create & manage your websites Knowledge Base or FAQ section with ease. Send people seeking information about your websites' services, policies or industry to Web based managed software for FAQ systems or article directory management.

Perfect Tool for Customer Service Knowledge Base
Excellent for FAQ Management systems
Superb solution for content management systems
Ideal for Online Press Rooms

With an exceptional administration back-end you gain total control your organization's knowledge base for the benefit of your prospects and your online staff. supports multiple groups, searching of FAQ`s,  Questions or directories that can be submitted and answered by the administrator.

Enter FAQs, articles, reports easily
Modify content, categories and subcategories quickly.
Review statistics on the most visited categories, FAQs or information within your system

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